Run a Workshop

A Suitable Room

One with enough space for all students to sit down, and with space between tables for students to play games

Four Facilitators

Initially, two RedSTART facilitators should lead the education session, and two teachers from the school will help monitor the gameplay alongside them.

A Money Matters Kit

We will provide a Money Matters kit containing dartboards, tape-measures, stop watches, building blocks, playing cards and worksheets – everything you need for a Money Matters day!

Order a kit today!


Money Matters is great fun for the students, but also for the facilitators! You need to make sure you are energetic the whole time, and engaging the students positively.

Running the day

Money Matters Timetable

Introduction to Money Matters
15 minutes
Session 1 gameplay
12 minutes of gameplay + 5 minutes to sit down and relax
Session 1 learning session
15 mintues
Session 2 gameplay
12 minutes of gameplay + 5 minutes to sit down and relax
Session 2 learning session
15 minutes
Lunch Break
30 minutes
Session 3 gameplay
12 minutes of gameplay + 5 minutes to sit down and relax
Session 3 learning session
15 minutes
Session 4 gameplay
12 minutes of gameplay + 5 minutes to sit down and relax
Conclusions and wrap up
15 minutes
  • The students really benefited from the day and rated it as one of the most important and useful masterclasses of the year.

    Liz Lovell, Luton SF College
  • I just wanted to once again thank you to you and Matthew for all your help with the delivery of the RedSTART Programme in Guernsey on the 19 July. The feedback from Schools has been very positive and when the Education Department staff return from summer recess, I will follow up with them to see how we can roll this out across the island and I can look at attracting some partners from the Finance Industry on island to assist.

    Michelle Le Clerc, States of Guernsey/Investec
  • The students were engaged through out and clearly enjoyed the final session, some of the ideas were pretty far-fetched but was good to see their imaginations working overtime. I think this type of education for young people is really important and I may be in a better situation if I had a similar exposure when I was younger. Everybody who delivered the sessions, myself included, thoroughly enjoyed the day and found it rewarding.

    Will Webber, BlackRock
  • It was a roaring success, all the guys here had fun too!

    Charlotte Green, JP Morgan Asset Management
  • Just a quick note to say how much fun we had with the students today. They were quite an engaged bunch and, hopefully, we held their attention! A great day of learning and a good way to interact with the next generation of investors. We would be happy to host as many as RedSTART would like us to going forward.

    J.D. Hall, Aberdeen Asset Management
  • The children had a brilliant day! They really learnt a lot about the importance of money and how to use it wisely. The whole experience in the office was very memorable for them too! All your staff were really enthusiastic with them. 

    Jackie Vaughan, Earlsfield Primary School
  • All presentations were very good and interactive, kids have learnt a lot and very engaged about saving, investing and entrepreneurship.

    Ryan Ali, South Thames College
  • They didn’t just sit back and listen but actively participated and applied their knowledge to various different tasks.  They became savers, bankers, investors and entrepreneurs and fully committed to the roles making good use of the company’s tea and coffee machine!

    Nicola Roberts, Haverstock School
  • The kids are loving the sessions, they have come back to school full of enthusiasm and facts.

    Charlotte Moore, Upton Cross
  • This is an excellent initiative that will benefit society and help us engage with the local community. It will also enable volunteers to enhance their presentation skills and hopefully have fun.

    Roisin Hynes, Kames Capital
  • I think it was perfect, the best trip I’ve ever been to, it was fun to participate and has honestly helped my future.

    Sean, age 13