Why we do what we do

Our Mission

1,000,000 kids who can budget, save, invest and give back.

Put simply, that’s why the RedSTART team showed up. To put young people in control of their finances, and give them the skills to manage their financial futures.

Having grown from a team of 3 in 2012 to over 30 today, we’ve already helped over 3000 kids in the UK.

Our journey is just beginning. We’re always looking for passionate people to help us plant more seeds for the future.

Meet the Team

A complex world. A simple goal.

Individuals are now responsible for their financial futures. As a result, the need for financial knowledge to successfully manage your own money to retirement has never been more important.

Educating the next generation in financial literacy is not a luxury. It’s an imperative.
This generation will be responsible their retirement provision. They will face a raft of questions that many will not be able to answer on their own.

RedSTART’s goal is to put people in control of their finances. Giving them the skills they need to manage their financial futures from a young age. We work with young people from all backgrounds across the UK.